• Industrial Facilities

    QuakeWrap® products offer solutions for repair and strengthening of corrosion-damaged industrial infrastructure. Sample projects include chimneys, tanks and reservoirs in mines and chemical processing plants.

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  • Bridges

    Beams, girders, decks and piers in bridges can be strengthened or repaired with QuakeWrap® fabrics and PileMedic™ laminates. The result is a long-lasting economical repair with minimal disruption to traffic. FRP products have also been used to correct construction errors that result in missing or misplaced reinforcing steel.

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  • Repair of Utility Poles while in Service

    Corrosion-damaged steel poles and columns in industrial facilities can be repaired in a few hours while the facility remains fully operational. The retrofit can be designed to enhance both axial and flexural capacity of the pole or column. The carbon or glass PileMedic laminates will prevent the corrosion of the host structure, offering a long maintenance-free service life.

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  • Parking Facilities

    QuakeWrap® products offer solutions for repair and strengthening of corrosion-damaged parking structures. Products can be used to repair beams, columns or corbels that have been damaged by corrosion of reinforcing steel. We can also strengthen the beams to allow additional load carrying capacity, e.g. for access of heavy fire engines, etc.

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  • Large Diameter Pipes

    We specialize in repair and retrofit of large diameter pipes and PCCP with carbon and glass FRP and have won international awards for such projects. We hold the record for having repaired the world's largest pipeline with FRP -- 1.1 mile of an 84-inch pipe in the mountainous terrains of Costa Rica in a record 15 days.

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  • Blast Loading Mitigation

    QuakeWrap® carbon fabrics and resins offer unique solutions for hardening of buildings against blast loading. The products have been successfully installed in U.S. military bases. Industrial facilities such as refineries can also benefit from this technology to provide protection against accidental explosion for certain critical areas, such as control rooms. Contact our engineers for turnkey solutions, including design and field installation.

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  • Corrosion-Damaged Bridge Piles

    The ease of installation of PileMedic allows repair and strengthening of corrosion-damaged bridge piles without any disruption of service or road closure to the traveling public. The jackets can be installed over a portion or the entire height of the column. PileMedic jackets offer significant gain in strength and will prevent further deterioration of the piling from deicing chemicals.

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  • StifPipe™: A Breakthrough Technology

    The patent-pending StifPipe™ is the most-recent product we have developed for repair of pipes and culverts. StifPipe™ is a pre-manufactured pipe that can be constructed to any size and shape. It is ideal for situations where the liner must be capable of resisting considerable gravity load from traffic and soil pressure above.

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  • Underwater Piles without Coffer Dams

    PileMedic's unique technology and moisture-insensitive resins allow repair and strengthening of piles underwater with no need for coffer dams. In many cases, these repairs can be performed without the need for costly divers.

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Engineered to Amaze!!

Welcome to QuakeWrap Inc., the world's most innovative designer, supplier and installer of quality, Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products for repair and strengthening of structures. We are also a pioneer research and development firm committed to providing economical solutions and unparalleled service to engineers, architects, and owners. We strive on creating new innovative products that help our clients achieve repair and retrofit of their infrastructure with higher quality, faster construction time and at a lower cost. This is evident by the numerous patented technologies we have developed, such as PileMedic™ for repair of deteriorated steel, timber and concrete columns and submerged piles, SuperLaminate™ for spot repair of pressure pipes, StifPipe™ for repair of gravity or pressure pipes subjected to external gravity loads, and InfinitPipe™ a revolutionary onsite manufactured pipe of virtually any size and length.

QuakeWrap was founded in 1994 by Dr. Mo Ehsani, Professor Emeritus of Structural Engineering at the University of Arizona, who pioneered the introduction of FRP to the construction industry and is an internationally-recognized expert on the subject. Dr. Ehsani has been featured on CNN, The History Channel, National Public Radio, and in other media, including Engineering News Record (ENR) for his expertise on the strengthening of structures, particularly related to earthquakes, terrorist attacks and other potential structural disasters. Learn More →

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